Board Members
Aaron Long  
Brent Samuelson

Derek Pierce
Dustin Winheim 

Gage Gregg
Jeff Vinzant
Jerod Weber
Josh Vinzant

Marcus Schwarz

Pat Berry (308) 991-7132

Memberships Due
Due 3/15 or 
2 payment option of 3/15 and 6/1 with $10 processing fee
Membership Rates
Single $395
Couple $455 (2 people married, engaged, or romantically paired and living in the same household)
Family $515 includes all children biological or adopted 25 and under still in school or college. 1 family per household only
Student $150 for a child enrolled in school or college and 25 year of age or younger

Carts Storage
Gas Carts $150 a year
Electric carts $165 a year
Trail fee $50 a year (all carts not stored in the cart shed)

Clubhouse Rental 
Members $50 a day
Non-members $75 a day

Daily green fees
$15 for 9 holes
$25 for 18 holes

Cart Rental
$15 for 9 holes
$25 for 18 holes

$400 for yearly access to rental carts 

Course Rental

$1000 a day on weekends/holidays

$500 a day during the week

Contact: Aaron Long (308) 991-7173