2023 League is 150.00 
30  Teams   Payouts will be similar to last year. 

League will run for 18 weeks. Subs are the teams responsibility.
No pay as you play will be allowed!!!!!!!! 

This year we will play forward tees for the Senior Golfer, 65 and up. These markers maybe with the red markers but the handicap will be adjusted. 

Email is joshvinzant127@gmail.com  or call/text my cell 308-999-9256.  

League Teams, (both players) will be members of the golf course, substitutes do not need to be members, but must pay green fees each night. Remember the rule that was put in place  last year, if a team misses two weeks in a row with no sub playing in their place that player/team will be in jeopardy of not in league the next year.  The rules of golf (USGA) apply in League play unless the governing board or rules committee has modified a rule.   

League Weather, just remember, I will not call off a night of league just for a little rain or a cool evening.  I will rule on the danger of the storm and the course playability as soon as I can.  It will be a last minute decision, which will be the same in 2017.  While during play and weather changes, a horn will sound please mark your ball and come into the club house or cart shed until storm passes and play resumes.  

Results will be posted on the web page, hilinegolf.com and I also use this site to make announcements about the golf course and league.  I also will post on board in club house.

If a team no shows it will be noted and the team who is unopposed will only be awarded the points against the sub ghost, which I feel is adequate. Now if a team in the middle of a round stops play for any reason it will forfeit all team points and only be awarded the points won up to that point by a player. I hope this does not happen but it could do to illness or emergency.    

12 places each half, 200.00, 175.00, 150.00, 125.00, 100.00, 75.00 pending on total teams.